Company profile

The Insurance Company "Illyria" sh.a. is part of the Sava Re group, based in Ljubljana, the Republic of Slovenia, the most professional insurance and reinsurance group in the region, which is also recognized as one of the most successful companies in Europe.

In the Republic of Kosovo it was originally known as the Insurance Company "Dukagjini" sh.a. and on the 4. February 2002 it was licensed to exercise the insurance business in the Republic of Kosovo. In 2006, there was a partial sale of shares (51%) to the Reinsurance Company "Sava Re", with headquarters in Ljubljana, Republic of Slovenia, while in 2009, the same company becomes the full owner, through buying the total value of the shares (100%).

During 2010, the company changed its name from the Insurance Company "Dukagjini" sh.a. to Insurance Company "Illyria" sh.a. So that as of October 1. 2010, the company in the market acts as the Insurance Company "Illyria" sh.a.

Today, the company offers insurance products such as those from the car liability category as well as a wide range of insurance products in voluntary insurance classes. While showing high professionalism in the insurance market, dedicated to providing the best value for you: your health, your family, home, business, and your motor vehicle. Our personal and commercial security products are tailored and designed to provide peace to the client's mind, in all periods and spheres of life. Ready to provide support in meeting insurance needs at any time and place.

Our Mission:

To provide financial stability and a safe future for employees, clients, associates, and the company shareholders.

We assure professional and personal development of its employees, while we are partners with the insured clients by providing full support in the field of Insurance. Persistent in creating a positive spirit, genuine business culture, continuous training and investing in employees, to contribute on the continuous development of insurance products and auxiliary products that impact on the most optimal business processes.

We aim for a new and more diverse culture in the insurance market, with a team of employees that will reflect quality of service and loyalty to the company and the SAVA Re Group.

We believe in that the a satisfied worker is professional, responsible, creative and committed. We are dedicated to our work and our clients.

We have a vision

for The Insurance Company "Illyria" sh.a. member of the SAVA RE Group, to be recognized in the Republic of Kosovo market as the company with the most qualitative service available in the insurance industry. We offer this service through a full package of products for customers, who can choose the optimal financial level and by basing it on their specific requirements. We also offer expert advice to our clients and associates, always driven by customer requirements.