This insurance provided by the Insurance Company "Illyria" sh.a, is unique for the Kosovo insurance market. This insurance policy enables you to protect your means, which you already think are secure in your safe, the code of which you only know. But there are times when you might violently be forced by someone who is robbing (robbery) you to tell them this code or some professional manages to open your vault. We offer you this type of insurance if certain conditions are met, safes must:

  • Be located within the building/facility.
  • Reinforced to the building/facility.
  • The amount of money must always be according to the amount declared in the insurance policy

*Other details are stated in the insurance questionnaire

Also, you can also insure the money, which you carry from your vault to the bank. This policy has the following conditions for the transfer of money: : 

  • A armored vehicle.
  • Special bags for the transfer of money.
  • An Armed guards escort.
  • Or a specialized company that meets the conditions for money (cash) transfers.

This insurance can be purchased separately (insurance for money in the safe or insurance during transport) or as a single package.